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Customised Coffee for House Accounts

We’ve often been asked here at Girls Who Grind Coffee about blends. Once upon a time, it felt like ‘blends’ were a dirty word, but, do you know what? So were the words ‘female business owners’ and in the same way that Girls Who Grind Coffee aren’t afraid to challenge the previously accepted notion of what it means to be a woman in this world, we want to do the same with previously accepted notions about what is or isn’t ‘specialty’ coffee.

It’s our firm belief that blends aren’t bad, in fact we’d say that they’re pretty badass, just like you and just like us- so we’re about to bring blends back into the conversation, and we’re doing it our way.

For us, it’s super important that our blends are done in a way that still features the incredible female producers behind the single origin coffees we already offer, but also provides a special celebration of those businesses who are supporting GWGC by using our coffees for their everyday house espresso and/or filter needs. We love to see businesses that are like-minded in ethos and keen to celebrate equity in the coffee industry and want to say thank-you by offering the opportunity for our house accounts to create their own bespoke Girls Who Grind Coffee ‘Girl Band’.

This method of creating a blend, or building your own Girl Band, will see you working closely with the wholesale manager in the first instance to get a sense of your ideal flavour notes and roast profile. Our roasting team will then take that information and blend together the right coffees we currently have in order to create the house coffee that best represents your business. You’ll be kept in the loop every step of the way and we’ll send you samples for your approval, plus you are more than welcome to come along to the roastery and cup your Girl Band should you wish and ask any questions you may have about your coffee. Our Head of Brand will then work with you to create the perfect branded stickers for you and your bespoke product, something entirely unique to your business!

You will be able to order 1kg bags or 250g of your personalised Girl Band coffee and in turn will be able to offer your customers an exclusive coffee experience that is unique to your business; with the added incentive of being able to sell your bespoke Girl Band as a retail product so your customers can enjoy ‘your coffee’ at home.

GWGC does Girl Bands is something we’re incredibly proud to offer to our wonderful house accounts, whose rebellious support of what we’re about is never taken for granted and is always something to be celebrated.

To ensure the best quality possible, we will need you to order a minimum of 4kg at a time of your Girl Band, and please allow up to four-weeks for the final product to come to fruition.

If you want to know more about building your own customised Girl Band coffee, drop us an email at

It's time to stop blending in, and start your own Girl Band! 👊