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When it comes to GWGC Wholesale, we want to offer our services in as many ways as possible; we want to help you set up your dream coffee shop, help you add-on a coffee business in a non-coffee setting like a gym or a tattoo studio, we want to help you simply update your machinery, expand your brewing range, offer a guest espresso with a second grinder- you name it, we want to help you achieve it (and maybe even have some fun along the way!).

We are fortunate enough to be distributors of both Victoria Arduino and La Marzocco, as well as holding an account with the Brew-It Group who source a variety of coffee kit ranging from batch brewers to Puq-Press to espresso machines.

We are keen to keep the specialty coffee world as open and accessible as possible, so therefore can also offer a connection to Finch Business Finance who can offer a variety of finance options such as hire purchase, leasing and commercial loans to offer more flexibility with regards to your budget.

If you are looking to source machinery from Girls Who Grind Coffee, please get in touch with us at with the following information:

-type of business
-location of business
-the specific machinery you are looking for
-ideal timeframe
-any other relevant information or queries

If you are at the very beginning of your coffee business journey and don’t really know how to answer all of the above questions, still get in touch with as much information as possible and we will go from there!

Let's brew this! 💪🖤✊